Our aim is to help our region become the favoured location for inward life science investment, life science business creation and growth

About Strategic and Industry Partnerships

The Oxford AHSN Strategic and Industry Partnerships strategy focuses on four areas where enhancement and opportunity improvements can impact the region’s attractiveness. These are:

  • Supporting companies along the innovation pathway following our runway to adoption
  • Supporting investment into the region
  • Building a culture of innovation in the NHS
  • Building long-term partnerships with industry and other organisations

The Strategic and Industry Partnerships programme provides an opportunity for the whole innovation pathway to be joined together in a way that has not been done before following our runway to adoption – from concept, through invention, development and finally adoption.

Our role is to help bring together the academic, clinical and business communities together through innovative partnerships and build greater alignment across the innovation pathway. We work with all stakeholders that have an interest in innovation and where appropriate the development and commercial realisation of new healthcare ideas. This includes industry, investors, clinicians, charities, academics and entrepreneurs.

We help to ensure that great ideas from the NHS, universities and industry are converted into products and services that create value for patients within and beyond our region.

We inform the NHS about cost-effective innovations that enable health professionals to use these technologies to improve the outcome and experience of patients.

We look to support any new product or service that delivers benefit to patients including pharmaceutical, medical devices, digital and diagnostics.

Details on our governance groups can be found here.

Contact: Julie Hart

Julie Hart
Director of Strategic and Industry Partnerships

Julie initially trained as a research microbiologist for Unilever. Since then Julie has been leading commercial teams in the diagnostics and life sciences businesses for nearly 25 years prior to joining the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative (DEC) London at Imperial College in 2013. Julie joined the Oxford AHSN in 2014 as Associate Director of Networking then went on to set up the Diagnostics and Precision Medicine programme before being appointed Director of Strategic and Industry Partnerships in 2019.
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