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Julie Hart
Director of Strategic and Industry Partnerships

Julie initially trained as a research microbiologist for Unilever. Since then Julie has been leading commercial teams in the diagnostics and life sciences businesses for nearly 25 years prior to joining the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative (DEC) London at Imperial College in 2013. Julie joined the Oxford AHSN in 2014 as Associate Director of Networking then went on to set up the Diagnostics and Precision Medicine programme before being appointed Director of Strategic and Industry Partnerships in 2019.
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Andrew Stainthorpe
Head of Market Access

Andrew joined the Oxford AHSN in November 2018. He leads a team of health economists and analysts working with NHS organisations and industry partners on the value of new technologies and steps towards adoption. Andrew was previously a programmes lead at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) assessing medicines, medical devices and diagnostics.
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Guy Checketts
Head of Evaluation and Transformation

Guy has 25 years technical and commercial experience across many sectors of the medical device industry in the UK, USA and Europe. He has developed and launched many new products and led successful change management projects at scale. Guy is passionate about fully understanding the user experience to deliver the best solutions for the patient, provider and manufacturer.
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Flora Hatahintwali
Project Manager

Flo joined the Oxford AHSN in November 2018. She is currently supporting Bucks HSC Ventures and TheHill. Flo aims to understand the SME’s services, their needs and issues and advise and signpost the SME to TheHill, Bucks HSC Venture, Oxford AHSN and partners as required. Flo has ten years’ experience as a forensic scientist doing DNA analysis and processing improvement projects. She worked as a project manager in a nanotechnology company driving a team towards the completion of tasks, managing risk and issues among other roles and responsibilities.
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Ashley Aitken
Senior Programme Manager

Ashley has 10 years’ experience of sales and marketing in the life science sector. She is a graduate of the University of Warwick and specialised in Molecular Genetics. She is currently Programme Manager for the SIPs team, and works with SMEs and individual innovators to help them develop their innovations and value propositions. She also manages the AHSN’s Innovation Exchange.
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Nadia Okhai
Project Manager

Nadia joined the AHSN in September 2018. She supports service evaluations for novel diagnostic technologies within the NHS setting, understanding and overcoming the barriers to implementation. Nadia has worked in R&D for both industry and the NHS and has over six years’ experience in clinical diagnostic pathology, namely histopathology and microbiology. She has an understanding of UKAS accreditation for laboratories and compliance with international standards (ISO 15189). She was heavily involved with conducting audits for service improvement and validation / verification of new diagnostic equipment. Nadia is currently completing an MSc in Genomic Medicine.
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Marianna Lepetyukh
IBD Clinical Network Manager

Marianna joined the Oxford AHSN in 2017. She leads on the Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Endoscopy workstreams. Marianna has over 15 years’ experience in commercial and business development in both multinational companies and the NHS, with expertise in delivering income and business generation projects, strategic business planning and business modelling.
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Rochelle Nelson
EA to Julie Hart and Communications Administrator

Rochelle, who joined the Oxford AHSN in 2014, supports the Strategic and Industry Partnerships Director, and the Communications team. She has led on streamlining administrative processes within the office and has in-depth knowledge of NHS Procurement systems and processes. She previously worked for the University of Oxford supporting the Estates Department with a particular focus on improving access.
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Vipul Modi
Transformation Lead

Vipul joined the Oxford AHSN in February 2019. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise as both a clinician and system leader to his role evaluating digital health projects. Vipul’s background is in healthcare industry transformation, encouraging innovations that benefit both patients and the systems. He started out as a dental surgeon and in 2015 led a project to transform the delivery of dental services in Bermuda. Vipul has since undertaken a Masters in Health Management and Policy at Imperial College Business School where he researched innovation and enablers for successful adoption and diffusion in healthcare settings.
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Gareth Hooper
Health Economist/Methodologist

Gareth joined the AHSN in April 2019. Since 2016 he has worked for the NHS in primary care, urgent care and health and social care commissioning. He recently completed an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy at the University of Birmingham. Gareth is a member of NICE Technology Appraisal Committee B and a reviewer for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). He is also a qualified environmental health officer and has managed public health projects to improve health outcomes in deprived areas including setting up a social prescribing scheme.
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Samir Khan
Business Development Lead

Samir brings more than six years of international experience within commercial strategy consultancies, biotech start-ups and research organisations dedicated to new models of therapeutic intervention, commercialization and care delivery. He holds a PhD in Pharmacology from the Cambridge University supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Trust Fellowship. His achievements in biomedical research include contributions to publications in Nature, a patentable vaccine for Hepatitis E in India and drug target discovery for Alzheimers Disease and Fragile X syndrome within the UK.
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Aideen Ahern
Health Economist/Methodologist

Aideen joined the AHSN in May 2019. Prior to this Aideen worked as a Health Economist in the trials unit at the University of Bristol. There, Aideen was involved in assessing the cost-effectiveness of interventions in a wide range of randomised controlled trials. Aideen completed her PhD at Swansea University working with big data exploring new measures of disability. Prior to completing her doctorate Aideen worked in University College London at the Institute of Child Health. Aideen began her Health Economics journey at University College Cork where she completed her MSc in Health Economics in 2006.
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Mina Moawad
Senior Analyst

Mina joined the Oxford AHSN in February 2019, prior to this he had worked as a healthcare analyst at GlobalData writing in depth analysis reports on clinical trial product development and market access of upcoming innovative pharmaceutical products. Mina is a qualified pharmacist by training and holds a master of pharmacy degree at University College London.
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Mamta Bajre
Lead Methodologist/Health Economist

Mamta joined the AHSN in August 2018 as Lead Methodologist/Health Economist in the Strategic and Industry Partnerships programme. She was previously working as health economist at NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative. She also has over 6 years of experience as a GP and clinical researcher.
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Ruby Urwin
Digital Marketing Manager

Ruby joined the AHSN in January 2019. She is a graduate in Professional writing and has since done further digital marketing training. For the last five years she has worked as a Digital Marketing Manager, both agency side and in-house for a variety of businesses.
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