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Entrepreneur Programme

The Oxford AHSN Entrepreneur Programme, developed and run in partnership with VitalSix supported by Health Education England Thames Valley, is an intensive four-day residential course held at Henley Business School.

Experienced healthcare professionals help the participants maximise their chances of success in implementing their ideas, and taking products to market.

The programme covers these core elements:

  • Clinical need
  • Market analysis and strategy
  • Health economics
  • Intellectual property and product development
  • Funding and finance
  • Regulatory overview
  • Manufacturing
  • Business plans
  • People and leadership
  • Product adoption

“It is a big challenge to be entrepreneurial and really innovate, but with programmes like this, hopefully innovation will flourish. I’ve learned a lot of things I would never have considered in this course, things that are going to help me move forward with my ideas.” – Dr Eugene Ong, junior doctor, Oxford University Hospitals

“I found it incredibly useful to have my preconceived ideas either validated or challenged. The location, accommodation and presentations were all fantastic” – Dr Chris Tan, medical student, University of Oxford

“Some of the tools I’ve already taken away and started utilising and they’ve worked an absolute dream. I can safely say it’s the best course I’ve been on. If you offered me to come back I’d bite your arm off for it!” – Dr Elliot Street, former junior doctor, now co-founder and chief executive of Inovus

“They’ve given us a lot of tools to help us develop ideas which has been great” – Jessica Digby, academic research coordinator, Milton Keynes University Hospital

Contact: Ashley Aitken

Ashley Aitken
Project Manager, Diagnostics

Ashley has experience of sales and marketing in the life science sector. She is a graduate of the University of Warwick, and specialised in Molecular Genetics.
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