Building a culture of innovation to deliver better outcomes for patients and cost savings for the NHS

NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is hosted by NHS England and works with the 15 AHSNs to deliver on the commitment detailed within the Five Year Forward View. The NIA seeks to create the conditions and cultural change necessary for proven innovations to be adopted faster and more systematically through the NHS, and to deliver examples into practice for demonstrable patient and population benefit.

In the first year, the selected 17 Fellows received support to take their innovations to more than 345 NHS providers and commissioners, raising over £8.9m in funding and winning 12 awards. In 2016, another 8 Fellows were selected, with innovations that address one or more of the following significant healthcare challenges –

  • Prevention
  • Long term condition management
  • Earlier intervention.

The NIA supports exceptional individuals with a passion for learning and commitment to share their learning, scaling evidence based innovations for greater patient benefit. The learning element of this programme has been co-designed with patient networks, Fellows, AHSNs and other partners.

Developers of medical devices and digital applications from around the world who would like to join the new Innovation and Technology tariff (a clear “route to market” for innovations) can also apply through the NIA.

Further information can be found here, with details of the 2016 Fellows available here.

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