Digital Health Roadmap

Digital technology is an important enabler in the delivery of high quality services, improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiency and productivity in health and social care systems. Health and social care systems across the world are undergoing significant change and restructuring to manage demand, maximise self-management and to keep people healthy and out of hospital. Digital health is increasingly recognised as having the potential to play a leading role in this transformation, as well as to support healthcare solutions in remote or impoverished regions.

However, the rapidly developing global market for digital health products poses numerous challenges for both innovators and payers, with many innovators facing issues around digital health products that will be adopted by the health and social care systems, and in particular the NHS. There is currently no clearly defined pathway to support innovators in navigating their way through the development, commercialisation, and commissioning of digital health products. Drawing upon its deep knowledge and understanding of the pathway from concept through to adoption into the NHS, or other private and global healthcare markets, Oxford Academic Health Science Network (Oxford AHSN) has developed the Digital Health Roadmap, below. An executive summary is available here.


Oxford AHSN’s Digital Health Offering.

Innovators at the start of their journey can use the Digital Health Roadmap to help them determine whether their product concept is viable and has the potential to demonstrate value to the system. The Roadmap will also support innovators to understand the path ahead before they begin designing and developing their product. Throughout each of the seven stages of the Digital Health Roadmap, Oxford AHSN offers a range of supplementary services to support innovators with products that demonstrate clear value, to help them navigate through this complex environment.

The Oxford AHSN has expertise in a number of key areas within the digital health pathway, from concept generation, clinical pathway mapping and real-world evidence gathering through to service evaluation, and adoption of new products or services at scale and pace across the region and beyond.

Specifically, the Oxford AHSN can provide support in the following areas:

  • support of concept generation and access to clinical thought-leaders, clinicians and patients within the NHS to test and validate an idea
  • evaluation of value propositions and business model design to help innovators ensure that their digital health products meet the needs of the NHS market
  • support for innovators with clinical pathway mapping for the development of a product or service, and understanding of the pathway to adoption of the technology
  • support of the development of evaluation studies that generate robust health economic data through a real-world evidence base, gathering essential data for successful market adoption
  • support of the development of a business case to commissioners, that demonstrates value for money and maximises procurement of the product
  • support with access to a network of potential funding bodies to bring the new product to market
  • providing access to a community of industry leaders who can offer advice, business support and mentoring to innovators
  • providing access to Oxford AHSN’s network of academic and NHS resources

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