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Digital Health Roadmap

A definitive ‘Guide for Innovators’ developed by Oxford AHSN in collaboration with Oxford University Innovation now accompanies the Digital Health Roadmap which was published in December 2017.

Innovators at the start of their journey can use the Digital Health Roadmap to help them determine whether their product concept is viable and has the potential to demonstrate value to the system. The Roadmap will also support innovators to understand the path ahead before they begin designing and developing their product. Throughout each of the seven stages of the Digital Health Roadmap, Oxford AHSN offers a range of supplementary services to support innovators with products that demonstrate clear value, to help them navigate through this complex environment.

The Oxford AHSN has expertise in a number of key areas within the digital health pathway, from concept generation, clinical pathway mapping and real-world evidence gathering through to service evaluation, and adoption of new products or services at scale and pace across the region and beyond.



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Digital Health Roadmap

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