Adoption pathway


The stage of getting your product through NHS procurement and into clinical use. Business cases and clinical evidence will need to be presented to the relevant decision makers.



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The Oxford Academic Health Science Network has established a Clinical Innovation Adoption (CIA) programme, their aim is to achieve:

  • Continuous improvement in quality and value of care through innovation
  • Reduction of unwarranted variation to deliver a high standard of care across our region
  • Ultimately, innovation adoption embedded in local NHS planning and contracting for maximum impact

Each year the team identifies the best high impact innovations to be adopted at scale across our region. Candidates have to be ready to go to market and have a strong evidence base (i.e. are clinically proven and have an established health economics case). Other key criteria include:

  • Improving patient and clinical experience
  • Alignment to local/regional/national clinical priorities
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Relative ease of implementation

Innovators wishing to be considered should request an innovation submission form via [email protected] or by calling 01865 784963.

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Once a drug is commissioned by primary care, secondary care or national commissioners, local adoption occurs as clinicians prescribe treatments. If local adoption is slow, despite positive reimbursement decisions, companies can consider a number of options to encourage healthcare professionals These include direct clinical or patient engagement and education to policy routes or consulting AHSNs.


Digital marketplaces are transforming the way the public sector commissions digital and cloud services, by making it simpler, clearer and faster for them to buy what they need.


UK PharmaScan is a secure horizon scanning database populated with information on new medicines in development from up to three years before their launch in the UK or start of phase III clinical development, whichever is the earlier.


Pricing on new medicines is covered under the Pharmaceutical Pricing Regulation Scheme.


The Cancer Drugs fund is a managed access fund, which provides funding for cancer drugs. All new licensed cancer drugs will first be referred to NICE for appraisal.


The National Information Board (NIB) Workstream 1.2 Roadmap could partly address this for apps; it will help patients and carers to access an assessed set of NHS and social care apps. It aims to be open to new innovators, involve the health and care community, 
and deliver value to applicants .

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