Our aim is to help our region become the favoured location for inward life science investment, life science business creation and growth

Runway to Adoption

We are creating the conditions and opportunities for companies to grow and access the home market for revenue generation. Cost-effectiveness and patient-centred care are the two big areas of development for the NHS over the coming years in line with the NHS Five Year Forward View. Our partners are already developing innovative models of care effectively creating a lit runway for innovations to follow.

Key considerations when commercialising a product for the NHS are:

  • How will the product or service change clinical practice?
  • Will the innovation enable a new model of care?
  • What is the clinical, economic and social impact of the technology?
  • How will these impacts be measured?
  • Is a redesign required in healthcare pathways to take full advantage of these impacts?
  • How will the redesign be funded?
  • What are the dissemination routes?

These questions originated from the Accelerated Access Review and we have developed this interactive guide to help you on your way. We are on hand to support you throughout the process and you can contact us here.

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